College life we all know what it’s like, it’s very hard not to miss a class, one way or the other we miss lectures. Most of the time because we have so much work to do in or two other subjects, the odd time it’s because we “forget” to set our alarms, and in 1 or 2 special cases suffering from a hangover from the night before.

All these facts mean we are not going to be able to attend every single lecture of the calendar year, so it would be very helpful if there were easier ways for us to go about catching up on our notes.
In certain subjects, it’s very time consuming looking at lecture slides or notes and when it comes to mathematical subjects it’s very hard trying to catch up. Lecture slides are not very useful when you’re trying to solve an equation… Imagine reading about simultaneous equation!!  Apart from the time factor it’s very hard to learn and understand. We often need things to be shown to us.
So often at times trying to catch up on of notes can be difficult, & looking through lecture notes is not very fun I’m sure you already know! In a lot of subjects, notes are pointless, & it often seems like you’re reading an essay,
I mean you start to think and wish you Could Magically Rewind Time & Actually Make It in for That Early 10am Lecture. Let’s take maths again for an example, you wonder How was this done and how was that done… You become lost and spend countless hours trying to solve that equation

My solution to all of this is, Video Lectures, replace or even compliment 10-12 lecture slides with 1 video of the lecture, which shows the lecturer go through slides one by one and explaining things that otherwise you would not pick up by reading it on your own.
Another factor that is good about this is that it gives a primary perspective of the lectures,

“Basically it is like you are in the lecture itself & the fact that Videos can be used over and over again, just as you use lecture slides is useful”

I’m very sure Students Will Greatly Favour Such Introduction because it really eases the work of catching up on missed notes and it’s good for lecturers also as they Can Be More Assured That Students Understand What’s Been Thought even when they missed the class.