The professional skills module was set up to provide students with the opportunity to develop a portfolio of core skills that are seen as important for personal and professional development. Strong core skills are seen as contributing to quality of life factors for both low-skilled and high-skilled individuals. Core skills include:

  • Research skills – an individual’s ability to research and aquire iformation o a given topic or idea;
  •  Communication skills – an individual’s ability to interact effectively through verbal and written communication skills and through use of information technology skills
  •  Presentation – an individual’s ability to organise, put together and give a suitale presentation that outlines a given idea or topic;
  •  Writing skills – an individual’s ability to write essays, blogs, posts e.t.c creativity and appropriately.

Learning Outcomes

When you have successfully completed the programme you will be able to:

  •  Identify the skills of successful personal development and self-management and use these skills in future job interviews;
  •  Identify key communication skills and use these skills develop effective communication techniques and practices;
  • Identify presentation skills and develop your competence in these areas;
  •  Develop a personal portfolio of core skills and use this portfolio to enhance personal and professional prospects.


Example Document: Research skills I